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From providing regular maintenance to completing an extreme makeover, we do it all: landscape design and installation, pruning, mulching, and planting seasonal color, are just the beginning.

Irrigation Services

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A great lawn doesn’t happen on its own -- especially in South Jersey where lawns naturally grow dormant in the hottest months unless they are adequately watered. Our expert team can design a sprinkler system that meets your goals and budget in the most effective way possible. Already have a system? We can take care of winterization, re-opening the lines in the spring, and repairing any damage to keep it functioning at optimum levels that may even save water!

Pest, Weed & Fertilization

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Ever wonder why the grass is greener on your neighbor’s side? Maybe because your neighbor knows that fertilization and proper pest control can have a major impact on the appearance of your lawn. To keep you green and pest-free, we offer a variety of services in both conventional and organic formats.

Lawn care by Leafy Green

Yes, it is possible to have a perfect yard in Jersey! And we know how to do it. Our lawn care technicians can diagnose your needs and offer a full range of services tailored to your lawn’s specific needs to make and keep it a well-manicured and healthy shade of green.

As grass grows, it eats up nutrients in the soil. Those nutrients will need to be properly put back in to keep it growing, which is why a consistent on-going fertilization program is necessary. Because each yard has unique requirements, after we analyze your property, we will create a year-round program using your choice of either conventional or organic treatments tailored to your specific needs. Soon you will be kept in the green!

Irregular patches of brown grass, rings of dying grass, and even slime in your yard are all signs of a fungus problem. They are also signs your yard needs to be treated quickly. Left on their own, fungi can make quick work of destroying a beautiful lawn. The yard experts at Leafy Green Landscaping can identify which form of fungus is invading your lawn, stop it in its tracks, and restore the damaged area back to health.

A beautiful lawn starts with high-quality grass seed and professional seeding. In addition to laying sod, we offer slit-seeding to over-seed or fill in bare spots and Hydro seeding to establish a new lawn. Whatever your needs, we offer expert guidance in choosing the right grass for your property, ensuring soil is properly prepped for lawn seeding, and graded.

Nutrients and weed and fungus controls can only do their job if they are able to penetrate the soil. To help them do that, we offer aeration (literally inserting pockets in the soil to allow air in) and thatching, which eliminates the barrier that old, matted grass can create. Both services also make it easier for water to get to the roots of your grass where it's needed the most.

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